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Joining a Small Group

Organizing riverboat tours in Manaus Amazon Brazil for backpackers, tour in the Amazon for individuals, students and groups.

Tour for Family and Children

Tailored and customized tour in the Amazon Brazil Manaus for people of all ages. This is a special tour in the Amazon, specific for your family.

Expedition in The Amazon

Exploring the Amazon Jungle away from civilization and away from tourist ordinary routes, allowing you to see and enjoy the authentic primary jungle.

Tour for Old People

Exclusive tours, private boats, private tours for old people, this tour is specific for seniors. The Amazon tours are private, tailored...

Tour for Nature Lovers

This is a amazing tour in the Amazon Jungle, specific for those interested in wildlife or in the search of adventure in the Rainforest.

Tour Luxury Boat

Enjoy the Amazon in comfortable boats. Join your family, invite your friends and come to visit the amazing Amazon Rainforest.

Day Tour in the Amazon

offering the guests a day tour in the Amazon Jungle, enjoy the most exciting trip of one day tour in the Amazon. Tour in riverboat in the Amazon...

Excursão para o encontro das águas

O tour sai do pier de Manaus e vai para o famoso encontro das águas, em barcos velozes muito confortável.