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Professional Background


Here you’ll find some documentation of my career for over 32 years organizing tours in the Amazon; you can see also photos and documents that demonstrate and prove all my life as a tour guide and tour operator in the Amazon Rainforest.

During a tour in the Amazon for German journalists – ECO-1992                                                            


Carlos – Frankfurter Rundschau am Wochenende

Carlos x Alligator

Interview in Kempten-Germany


Lecture in Germany on the Amazon Jungle

Tour with Minister of Treasure of Canada                    

Tour with Minister of Labor of Brazil         


In the entourage wth President of Germany   

Carlos and the Chamber Orchestra of Germany-1995

Carlos and European musicians



Greetings fromTourism National Foundation


Tour for an american singer and his friends

Tour for owners of a Bank in South Africa

Tour for American Novelist Joan Schweighardt

Article from an American Magazine: Having spent several months reading historical accounts of the rubber boom that took place in the Amazon in the early 1900s, novelist Joan Schweighardt decided to visit the region herself. The city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas in Brazil, was at the heart of the rubber boom, and thus the starting point for Schweighardt's trip. After two days exploring the famous Teatro Amazonas (the opera house) and other turn-of-the-century structures, the author and her traveling companions spent eight days traveling over 200 km on the Rio Negro in a small riverboat as home base with exploratory outings in native canoes.




"Carlos loves the rainforest. It is under his skin. He speaks several languages, has a degree in psychology, but the rainforest is where he likes to be. He calls out to birds and animals on our daily jungle treks. He leads with his machete, cutting trails where there weren't any. He slashes water vines when we are thirsty.He makes it all look easy, but I know the jungle is not always kind. It can't afford to be. It has too much to protect, too much responsibility. Who else will look after the world's oxygen and regulate its global weather?

Carlos is a wealth of knowledge. His grandparents lived on the Purus River, another Amazon tributary, and he spent time with them as a kid. When the river came up during the flood season, the water would reach almost to the door of their house. A floating platform adjacent to the house kept the chickens, goats, and pigs from drowning. But every year anacondas would rediscover it and swim up looking for dinner. To protect his animals, Carlos' grandfather would wake himself in the middle of the night and go out in his canoe with a flashlight and machete..."


Carlos from the Amazon to the world:







Ulm - Germany

Kempten - Germany


Neuschwanstein - Germany


Memorable Tours


Guests from USA - Giant Anaconda - 12 days tour 

Guests from Norway - 07 days tour

Carlos x alligator - 1989



Carlos x Boa Constrictor

Mortal fight - Woodpacker x Snake - 1999

Carlos and American Guests (Texas) -10 days tour.


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