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If you really want to know the Amazon, the best idea is definitely to take a boat trip. If you decide to visit the Amazon with your family or your partners and you go to a jungle lodge your tour will be very limited and without privacy. No matter the activity you do you will be surround by other guests. As soon as you finish an activity in the jungle, you’ll return directly to the same place, the jungle lodge. In case you go in a canoe trip or jungle walk or any other activity, there will be always lot’s of guests with you.  In short, you will always be limited to just one region and always in the midst of coming and going customers.

However, if you choose a boat trip, the advantages will be much greater, as the boat offers dynamism, flexibility and lots of adventure. You can travel to many different regions, you can sleep every day in different places. The boat trip is unique because it allows you to get to know the true Amazon, the true and incredible Amazon forest. The boat tour offers you the opportunity to visit distant regions away from the tourist routes and civilization where you can enjoy the Amazon Jungle in total privacy, enjoying the beauties and wonders of the amazing Amazon rainforest.

In this way, the boat trip can also offer you a comfortable and luxurious stay, depending on the style of the boat you choose. Even if you choose a traditional boat to sleep in hammocks, you will also have a very good trip, as most of my clients are Americans, Europeans and Asians and they love the trip on these riverboats. These boats are reasonable comfortables and equipped. The hammocks are comfortable and you and your family or friends sleep in privacy. However, if you prefer something more sophisticated, we can offer you beautiful boats with cabins or even a variety of luxury yachts. So, it does not matter which boat you choose, being that you choose a boat trip, because this trip is without a doubt the best and most exciting excursion you can take when visiting the Amazon.


The best and the most amazing riverboat tour in the Amazon. Visit the Amazon with Carlos the Jaguar born in the Rainforest over 36 years experience. We are specialist in tours for families with children, elderly people, as well as expeditions for adventurers and for all nature lovers. We show you primary jungle away from tourist routes and far off civilization. We are very flexible.