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Join a special tour where you can enjoy the most beautiful Amazon birds, visiting amazing regions and the most remarkable spots of the Amazon Jungle. We offer the best guide in the Amazon rainforest. This tour offers you the opportunity to see the typical Amazon birds and the incredible Amazon wildlife

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Day 1:  Departing Manaus pier at 9:00 am we will travel downstream on the Rio Negro towards the majestic Amazon River to visit the amazing meeting of the waters where the black river meets the giant Amazon River without mixing. There, you’ll see the famous freshwater dolphins playing above the water. Then, we will proceed to Janauary lake where you can visit the beautiful waterlilies walking along a walkway located in the treetops of the jungle. Afterwards, you’ll have time to see the incredible handicrafts of the natives. Next, our customers will experience an exciting and amazing ride in motorized canoe through the narrow creeks and flooded wood lands of the Amazon River. During this journey, you will be delighted with the rich and amazing Amazon biodiversity. Our visitors will have the unique chance to see different species of monkeys, birds, colorfulç iguanas, sloths, water lilies, beautiful vegetation, exotic vines, huge trees and of course a stunning scenery all around.  After that, we return to our riverboat sailing up the Rio Negro. You’ll be amazed by incredible diversity of the forest and the beautiful sunset. Then, we will reach to a waterway on the Rio Negro where we spend the night.

Day 2:  In the morning before breakfast, you hear the noise of birds flying over the jungle and the fascinating sunrise behind the imposing jungle.  After breakfast, we proceed upstream on the Rio Negro where an amazing activity await for us. This time, you’ll be visiting a primitive Indian tribe where our customers will watch a very interesting indigenous ritual inside a huge indigenous hut. There, you’ll learn a lot about their culture, their tradition, costume, food, beverage and how they survive in the Amazon Jungle. Next, you will be allowed to see their huts above the hill surrounded by the Amazon rainforest. From the top of the hill, you will see a breathtaking view of the gigantic Rio Negro, perfect for taking unforgettable pictures. After that, you will participate in one of the most surprising activities of our trip, which will be an exciting walk in the Amazonian jungle inside the indigenous region. During our fascinating walk in the Amazon Jungle, an experienced indian will come with us to show the secrets and mysteries of the forest. During the wonderful walk through the Amazon you will see: different species of plants, huge trees, water vines, orchids, typical fruits, several palm trees, beautiful mushrooms, medicinal herbs and an amazing Amazon vegetaion. During the visit to the tribe, you will be allowed to take pictures of the indians, their huts and the whole place without any problem, as many as you want. 

Then, back to the boat, we wil travell up the Rio Negro to visit a white sand beach for a swim, relax and have lunch in this beautiful region. In the afternoon, we will sail further along the Rio Negro towards the exotic and wonderful Ariau River. There, you will experience a fantastic canoe ride for bird watching through the waterways and flooded jungle of this narrow and gorgeous river. Ariau River offer one of the most fantastic sunrise in the Amazon; the contrast with the jungle, the lakes and the scenery is something unique. At night, you will embark a motorized canoe for one of the most exciting activities of our trip which is the fascinating alligator spot. During this exciting canoe trip through the narrow creeks of Ariau River, you will be able to see your tour guide catching alligators with his bare hands and release them after observation. During this program you will hear the mysterious sounds of the forest, such as: frogs, crickets, cigades, monkeys, birds etc. Certainly, you will be delighted with the amazing Amazonian night. This is for sure an experience not to be forgotten. Then, we will return back to the boat for a friendly drink and a delicious dinner.

Day 3:  After Breakfast,  you will have the opportunity to go on an amazing canoe trip, this time to catch the famous piranhas. You will be amazed by this extraordinary fish.  Next, you have the chance to a wonderful canoe trip through the narrow creeks of Ariau River and participate in the most exciting activity in the Amazon which is an exciting swim with the famous Amazon Pink Dolphins where you are free to swim and play with them. Afterwards, we will start to go back to Manaus arriving around 4:00 in the afternoon.

We are flexible. The tour leaves according to your arrival in Manaus. Price and details of the tour will be sent you afterwards. Please, inform the number of days, number of people, we will answer you promptly. We can make your Hotel Reservation in Manaus and we organize all your transfers. 


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