Carlos The Jaguar

My name is Carlos Damasceno , Tour Operator and Multilingual Guide in Manaus. I was born and grew up in the Amazon Jungle, learning the secrets and mysteries of the forest just outside my door. My lifetime in the rainforest and my experience over 36 years showing the Amazon for people from all over the world, guarantees you a successful trip. 

My goal: to take my guests to visit the amazing primary jungle, far away from tourist routes and far off civilzation. We offer our customers customized our Amazon Trips are available for people of all ages and for all nature lovers. Enjoy the Amazon Jungle with Carlos the Jaguar. We are very flexible. We always agree with your availabilities.



I was born in the Amazon Jungle in a very small town called Lábrea in South Amazon, over 700 miles from Manaus. There, I spent part of my lifetime. However, I spent most of my time iat my grandparent’s house in the jungle, on the Riverbanks of Purus River, tributary of the mighty Amazon River. There, I learned and discovered the secrets and the mysteries of the Amazon Jungle just outside our house on stilts.

In November, at the beginning of the rainy season the water level began to rise, flooding the entire region, so our crops were destroyed  by the level of water and the scenery was completely changed. Sometimes, the water level rose so much that reached the floor of the houses, as you can see below.

In 1967, the most important occupation of my family in the jungle was the work with agriculture, fishing and latex extraction from the rubber tres to make rubber balls. I still remember when I helped my family to collect latex from the trees to make the famous rubber balls to be sold in the small town of Lábrea distant by boat about 1.300 km from Manaus the capital of the State Amazon.


During the night, anacondas came to eat our chickens kept in a chicken coop next to our house. Then, my grandfather woke up, took his canoe, his flashlight and machete to avoid the attack of anacondas as we could not lose our food. Sometimes, huge anacondas attacked our pigs, goats, cats and dogs. However, today this phenomenon still occurs throughout the Amazon due the high level of the rivers.

The period of high water last from 3-4 months during this time locals could not work in agriculture due to the high water. It was a difficult time to survive, as well as a hard tine for children as they could not play and have fun outside the house. Finally, in June, in early summer, the river level began to drop. Fortunately, the water level did not bring only troubles to natives, but became the soil extremely fertile and rich in nutrients and mineral salts so important for agriculture.

It was a bountiful season: many fishes, many fruits and plenty of vegetable.  Finally in June, in the beginning of summer, the water level began to go down. Natives were happy to come back to work, animals were around the house, children could play and have fun around the house again.

Then, in a few months the water level began to rise up again, repeating the endless cycle, year after year, day after day to this day. So, I grew up, watching and learning about the Amazon jungle what is not taught in books. Then, In early 70’’s my parents moved to Manaus. So, I began my new life in the city of Manaus the capital of State Amazon. Later, I decided to learn languages, starting firstly by English, than, German, French, Italian and Spanish. 



Thus, I consider myself qualified to offer my customers a wonderful and different tour in the Amazon far away from civilization and away from tourist regions where you can really enjoy a fascinating trip with someone who has dedicated his life to show visitors worldwide the beauties and the wonders of the untamed and fascinating Amazon rainforest.