Great 1000 km Amazon Expedition

( The most challenging and farthest expedition in the Amazon )

( Action & Adventure )


We'll travel by plane - by car - by boat

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An incredible Expedition flying across the Amazon - A true Journey on the Transamazonic Road

Our destination:

A Small Town in Southern Amazon and the wild Purus River

This is the pleasant hotel you will stay in when we arrive in this beautiful little town. At night, we'll have time for a friendly drink in the city, listen to good music, eat and chat with the locals.

The next day, we will board our riverboat in a true Amazon Boat Trip on the Purus River tributary of the Amazon River, where we'll travel many kilometers upstream on an incredible adventure expedition unlike anything that is offered in Amazon. This is a perfect Amazon Jungle Tour for all tastes.

Purus River is the perfect place for exploration, adventure, fishing and wildlife. It is really impressive, it is rich in many different fishes species. There are many birds, monkeys, huge fishes, lots of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and certainly a lush and untamed jungle. This place is far from any tourist destination in the Amazon.

I was born in this region, part of my family still lives there, and so we can offer you something really special. We are specialist in Amazon Jungle Tours in Brazil, we are ready to offer amazing tours in Manaus Amazon Brazil.


* Minimum of 12 days
* Minimum of 4 people
* All meals during the Boat Trip

* Price will be sent on request
* Plane and car ticket included
* Riverboat during the trip

*** The 12 days Amazon expedition starts as soon as we depart from Manaus

Activities during the Amazon Expedition:

*Trip 2 days by car to the Small Town
* Fly back to Manaus by plane 2 h

* Stay in a good Hotel in town
* Activities in the city

* Riverboat trip on Purus River
* Canoe trip troughout narrow creeks
* Wildlife watching
* Amazing Hunting Dogs Program
* Canoe trip to see animals at night
* Amazing Jungle walks in primary jungle
* Learn how to survive in the Amazon

* Visit to waterfalls
* Visit to Giant Trees
* Visit to local communities
* Monkey watching
* Bird watching
* Barbecue in the jungle
* See how locals hunt in the Amazon
* Night Canoe trip to see alligators
* Fishing of huge fishes
* Camping and Much more!


Included in this trip:

Not Included in this trip:

* Plane and car ticket included
* Riverboat and motorized canoe
* All meals during the Boat Trip
* Full breakfast
* Mineral Water
* Carlos the Jaguar as your guide

* Hotel in the small town
* Meals in town
* Drinks """"

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