Amazon Boat Tour for Family

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Your family in the best plans of Amazon Tours Brazil.

Option 1 – Hotel boat with cabins

Come with us to enjoy the best Amazon Tour in Brazil. Swim with Pink Dolphins, catch the incredible piranas, walk in the Amazon Jungle, watch an indigenous ritual, exciting canoe trips, bird watching, alligator spot and much, much more! Hotel Boats equipped with: nice cabins, air-conditioning, comfortable beds, showers, toillets, delicious meals etc. We are very flexible – EMAIL US and receive price and all information!

Hotel boat withs cabins

We are ready to offer your family the best tour of your lifetime!

Exciting activities during our Tours

Visit to local natives to see their daily life in the Amazon. Enjoy a bird watching, Jungle Walk, Pirana fishing, Swim with Pink Dolphins, visit an Indian Tribe and much more…

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Our experience of more than 35 years allows you to discover the most remote and wonderful places in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

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Carlos the Jaguar: we are a passionate team ready to offer our customers the best and the most exciting tour in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

we assure you and your family a safe, comfortable and fun trip in a great family environment.

 Option 2 – Traditional Riverboat 

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Traditional Riverboat

Our Traditional Riverboats are nice, safe and fast. You sleep in comfortable hammocks in a private place. We offer amazing Amazon Jungle Tours in Brazil for people of all ages.

We are flexible in all our Amazon tours!

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 Bird watching

On both options, you will be able to see the incredible  Amazon wildlife and visit the most beautiful places of the rainforest.

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Delicious  foods are included in all packages!
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See some of our activities:

1- Meeting of the Rivers
2- Pirana Fishing
3- Bird Watching
4- Canoe Trip
5- Amazon Jungle Walk
6- Indigenous Tribe
7- Barbecue in the Jungle
8- Visit local communities
9- Swim with Pink Dolphins
And much more...

Contact us...


Included in all our trips:

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* Nice Riverboats
* All meals
* Full breakfast
* Mineral Water
* Professional guide
* Amazing activities
* Motorized canoe
* Professional Cook

*** We make your Hotel Reservation

At your Service!

Contact us for further info