Amazon River Cruise

By Carlos the Jaguar - Amazon Jungle Tours in Manaus Brazil

A wonderful rainforest Tour in the Amazon

This is a very exciting private tour where customers have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Amazon boat trip full of adventure and exciting activities. During the trip, you not only stay on the boat, but also partake in numerous activities in the Amazon Jungle, such as: amazing canoe trips, jungle walks, piranha fishing, swimming with pink dolphins, and much more. This trip allows you to bring all your family, friends, partners, etc. It is also available for groups or multiple families together. Our boats are large and comfortable, with well-equipped cabins that include comfortable beds, toilets, showers, closets, and air conditioning. The tour is also available for companies, industries, universities, schools, adventure clubs, and institutions. The trips are private and exclusive only for your groups, and this tour is also available for individuals upon request. We are flexible in our tours.

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