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The best tour in the amazon rainforest away from tourist routes

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River Boat Tour x Jungle Lodge

Jungle lodges are limited to only one region. After your activities, you'll  be  always returning to the same place, But a boat tour is highly dynamic and offers all the comfort of a good hotel. You'll never sleep in the same place, many activities available. Action, Adventure. There is no limits!

CARLOS THE JAGUAR -The Master of the Amazon!

Born in the Amazon - Over 38 years organizing tours in the Rainforest

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Carlos the Jaguar / Jeremy Wade – from  Discovery Channel

Carlos the Jaguar / Former President  of Germany –  Herr Herman Herztog

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Carlos the Jaguar / Customers of the American Consulate

I am Carlos Damasceno. Amazon Tour Operator, founder of Amazon Tours Brazil. I was born in the Amazon and I learned the secrets of the forest living in the heart of the jungle since childhood.

My experience was forged step by step in the melting pot of time. Our large background also comes from thousands of tours organized in the Amazon for customers worldwide for more than 38 years. 

We are ready to offer our customers any kind of tour or adventure expedition in the Amazon.

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Amazon Boat Tours from 3 to 12… days


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Amazon Boat Tour for families

We offer the best tour in the Amazon for your family. Tours for people all of ages. We are flexible during all our trips.
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Amazon tour / Group of friends

A fantastic adventure tour and a very friendly atmosphere, incredible activities. Explore the Amazon beyond limits!
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Special Boat tours for Seniors

Amazon Tours Brazil is also expert in organizing tours for Elderly people. We provide comfort, safety and much care!
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Amazon Adventure Expedtion

If you are looking for an adventure in the Amazon, this is a great trip for those who like action and excitment!

Bird watching and wildlife tour

Get ready to photograph the most amazing wildlife in the Amazon. Tour available for professionals and for all nature lovers.
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Amazon jungle tour for nature lovers

This is a tour not to be forgotten. Including an extensive program, full of activities, wildlife, visit to amazing places and beautiful scenery.

Amazon Jungle Trips Individual and groups

If you enjoy adventure, action, exploration, many activities and visit to remote regions on Amazon. This is your best choice.

1000 km Amazon Expedition

If you like challenge, this is your right trip! We have to fly through the Amazon Jungle in a regular plane. Then, bus and boat. Min 4 people.

If you really want to know the Amazon Jungle

Talk to Carlos the Jaguar himself – Contact him right now:

The Great Amazon Rainforest

The largest Tropical rainforest in the world, much large than the two largest rainforest in the Congo Basin and Indonesia combined. It is so huge that Ireland and UK could fit into it for 17 times. It reaches 7.000.0000 square km² encompassing 9 countries in South America. One in ten animals species in the world live in the Amazon rainforest... By Carlos the Jaguar

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We are a professional team ready to offer our visitors the best Amazon Tour

We take you to the most amazing tour in the Amazon rainforest, far from the busy tourist routes, where you can enjoy and explore the authentic Amazon Jungle far away from civilization

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 We are trusted by people worldwide.

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Chloe W 2022-02-28

Carlos is an experienced guide who organizes spectacular tours on the rivers and streams around Manaus. Carlos is a special guide who sets up a special itinerary for each client and proves to be an expert in excursions on the rivers around Manaus.

Annette B 2022-03-25

Dec 2022 jungle river tour We absolutely loved our trip with our guide Carlos. Great activities, sleeping on the boat was a true adventure, delicious food. Definitely a great family memory

Tom p 2022-02-28

We spent a 5 night cruise with Carlos on the house boat in hammocks, it was fantastic. Saw some amazing things and Carlos and the staff were brilliant. Money well spent and would 100% recommend. Oh and the food on the boat was great


Dec 2019 We took a five-day cruise down the Rio Negro in the Amazon basin with Carlos. We were four children, two grandparents and two adults. Everyone had a wonderful time. Carlos can customize the cruise/adventure to suit your needs - so if you want to live without taking food or water into the jungle for a month, he can do that! If you want luxury travel he can arrange that too. Carlos knows all the hidden spots, the inland lakes, untouched tributaries and how he managed to spot these sloths and catch alligators with his bare hands, I'll never know. I recommend Carlos.


Feb 2018 • Friends Went on a 4 day river boat trip with Carlos and his team. They took care of all the details - a ride from the airport, a hotel before and after the trip, all the provisions. The food was delicious and the whole sight-seeing spectacular. Carlos is very knowledgeable about the area and has fascinating jungle stories. This was a remarkable trip, customized to our needs and very reasonably priced.

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